'j#' "it-




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SPANISH BUSINESS LETTERS. First Series. Crown 8vo, 6d. net.

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Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., 1 Amen Corner, E.C,

Bath, New York and Melbourne

Printed by Sir Isaac Titman

& Sons, Ltd., London, Bath,

New York and Melbourne


In compiling this commercial dictionary, the aim has been to include all the words and expressions which are generally used in commerce, excluding those which do not come under this category. That the work is thoroughly up to date will be readily seen by reference to such words as " wireless tele- graphy, Marconigram, aeroplane, typist, taxi-cab, under- ground railway, etc.," which are not to be found in most Spanish-Enghsh dictionaries pubhshed hitherto.

Many difficulties have been encountered in the preparation of this work, and the greatest of these was that constituted by words of doubtful etymology, or words borrowed from other languages. Some words are used in commerce, par- ticularly with the Spanish Americas, which are not recog- nised by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. If such words were excluded entirely from a commercial dictionary, this would lose much of its practical utihty and value as a reference. Moreover, it frequently happens that words which are first introduced by commercial men are admitted into the language in course of time. In the pre- sent work it has been deemed expedient to include many such important words ; and in cases where they are purely local, or South-American, a note to that effect has been given.

Like ourselves, the Spaniards employ many words which they have borrowed or adapted from the French, such as : garage, chauffeur, bon marché, debut, buffet, grippe, etc. ; and many others relating to articles of dress, such as crepe (Spanish version : crepe), moire, etc. From the Enghsh language the Spaniards have also borrowed many words, such as " bar (in a pubhc-house), club, detective, inch, jersey, sweater (garment), lock-out (in trade disputes), etc., record, reporter, trust (an industrial combine), hall, arrowroot, etc., etc." They have, of course, their own versions of many of these words (e.g., bufete, bar ; círculo or equipo, club ; pulgada, inch ; salón, hall ; etc.). There are also certain coined or


adapted versions of English words, such as boicotar (or boi- cotear), to boycott ; interviú, interview ; interviuvar, to inter- view ; mitin, meeting ; etc. The EngUsh word " stock " is extensively used by Spaniards in commerce, and is some- times spelt stok ; but their own word existencia is more general. Many of these adapted words are included in the present work and, in most cases, are italicised to show that they are not recognised Spanish words.

Spanish spelling offers little difficulty as a rule, but atten- tion might be called to words beginning with the preñxes : trans, ob and sub. The " n" of trans, and the " b" of ob and sub, are often dropped, and thus one may write trans- porte or trasporte, obscuro or oscuro, subscribir or suscribir ; etc. There is likewise some confusion between the prefixes " ex " and " es," and one often meets with estraño for extraño, estranjero for extranjero, etc.

The use of the dash and brackets may be briefly explained. The dash represents the key- word, or the word in heavy type, and means : " repeat." The brackets are used in some instances to contain the preposition which is required by a certain verb or adverb ; in other cases they contain an alternative or additional rendering ; and sometimes they contain words explanatory to the type.

List of Abbreviations

used in this work


. adjective

Lat. .



. adverb


masculine (gender)

A mer. .

. American

Mech. .


anat. .

. anatomy

Mex. . .



. article

Mil. . .


aug. .

. augmentative

n. . . .


Bol. .

. Bolivia


noun masculine


. botany

n.f. . .

noun feminine

c. .

. conjunction


carp. .

. carpentry

(or Nav.

nautical or naval

chem. .

. chemistry

Nic. . .


coll. .

. colloquial

part. .


com. .

. common (gender)


,, adjective


. comparative

pi. . .

plural number

defec. .

. defective

p.p. . .

past participle


. diminutive

prep. .


Eng. .

. English

pron. .


f. . .

. feminine (gender)




. figurative


reflexive verb

Fr. .

. French

S.A. . .

South America

geog. .

. geography

S.E. . .

Stock exchange

geom. .

. geometry

sing. .

singular number

imp. .

. impersonal

subj. .



. interjection

Typ. . .



. irregular verb



i.r.v. .

reflexive verb

V. imp.

impersonal verb





















288 321


11 12

Acoger. For " i. v." read " v."

For "Cénit" read " Cenit."

Contrafianza. For " indemnity, bond " read " indemnity-bond."

For " Ercanio " read " Escarnio."

Resistir. Omit " (a)."

Arithmetic. For " arithmético " read " aritmética "

Arithmetic. For " arithmética " read " aritmética."

Bake. For "i.v." read "v."

Coin. For " española " read " española."



2nd Penultimate

line . Leer, i.v., to read.


A, pyep., to, in, at. pie, on foot. la francesa, in the French fashion. las seis, at six o'clock. la vista, at sight. bordo, on board cargo de, to the charge of. Uno uno, one by one.^

Abacá , tn., Manilla hemp.

Abacería, /., grocery.

Abacero, m., grocer.

Abajo, adv., under, below, under- neath.

Abalanzar, v., to balance. se a, to rush at, or upon.

Abadejo, )«., cod-ñsh.

Abalorio, m., bead, bugle.

Abandonado, a., abandoned, given up.

Abandonamiento, m., abandon- ment, cession.

Abandonar, v., to abandon, to give up, to leave, to desert.

Abandono, m., abandonment, cession.

Abanicar, v., to fan.

Abanico, m., fan.

Abaratamiento, m., cheapening, making cheaper.

Abaratar, v., to cheapen, to become cheaper, to beat down the price.

Abarcar, v., to embrace, to con- tain, to undertake.

Abarrotamiento, m., glut.

Abarrotar, u., to tie down, (Naut.) to stow the cargo ; to overstock, to pack, to glut.

Abarrote, m., broken stowage, small parcel, wines, oils, liquors, etc., in small casks or packages.

Abastecedor, m., provider, sup- plier, purveyor.

1 There are many expressions with a, such as, a prueba, a sabiendas, etc., but these will be found under the respective word, i.e., prueba, sabiendas, etc.

Abastecer, i.v., to provide, to supply, to find ; r.v., to supply or provide oneself.

Abastecimiento, m., provision, supply.

Abasto, »«., supply-, provision.

Abatido, a., dejected, depressed, dull.

Abatimiento, >«., depression, dull- ness ; leeway.

Abatir, v., to throw down, to deject, to depress.

Abecedario, m., the alphabet, spelling-book.

Abedul, m., birch-tree, birch- wood.

.4beja, /., bee.

.4bertiira, /., opening, aperture.

Abiertamente, adv., openly, frankly, plainly.

Abierto, a., open, free, sincere, frank ; p.p. of Abrir.

Abigarrado, a., variegated, motley.

Abintestate, ?«., (Lat.), intestate.

Abismo, m., abyss, gulf.

Ablandar, v., to soften, to mellow, to soothe, to assuage.

Ablano, w., hazel-tree.

Abocar, v., to take or catch -with the mouth ; r.v. , to meet by agree- ment, to have an interview.

Abogado, m., lawyer, barrister, solicitor.

Abogar, v., to advocate, to plead.

Abolición, /., abohtion.

Abolir, i.v., to abolish.

Abolladura, /., indent, dent.

Abollar, v., to emboss ; to dent.

Abominable, a., abominable.

Abominar, v., to abominate.

Abonado, a., respectable, rich ; 7n., subscriber.

Abonanzar, v., to become calm, to clear up (the weather).

Abonar, v., to make good, to allow, to credit ; to subscribe, to





stand for ; to indemnify, to compensate ; to manure. se, to subscribe to a work ; to pay in advance. en cuenta, to pass to one's credit.

Abonaré, m., promissory note.

Abono, m., allowance, security, credit, receipt ; subscription ; season-ticket ; dimg, manure.

Abordaje, m., boarding a ship.

Abordar, v. (a), to board (a ship), to run into, to come up to.

Abordo, see A bordo.

Aborrecimiento, m., abhorrence.

Abotonador, m., button-hook.

Abotonar, v., to button.

Abrasar, v., to burn.

Abrazar, v., to embrace, to com- prise, to contain.

Abrazo, m., embrace.

Abreviación, /., abbreviation.

Abreviar, v., to abbreviate, to abridge, to curtail, to shorten, to lessen, to condense.

Abrigar, v., to shelter, to protect, to patronise ; to entertain, to harbour.

Abrigo, m., shelter, protection ; overcoat. Estar al de, to be guarded against. Poner al de, to save from, to obviate.

Abril, m., April.

Abrir, v., to open. una in- formación, to open an inquiry.

Abrochador, m., button-hook.

Abrochar, v., to button, to fasten, to lace.

Abrogación, /., abrogation, repeal.

Abro2;ar, v., to abrogate, to annul, to cancel.

Abrumado, a., overwhelmed, weary; glutted. de, over- stocked with.

Abrumador, a., overwhelming.

Abrumar, v., to crush, to over- whelm ; to glut. Absolutamente, adv., absolutely. Absoluto, a., absolute. En ,

absolutely. Absolver, i. v., to absolve, to acquit.

Absorber, v., to absorb, to imbibe.

Absorto, a., amazed, absorbed in thought.

Abstemio, a., abstemious.

Abstenerse, i.r.v., to abstain, to refrain. de pedir, not to order (or ask), to refrain from asking.

Abstinencia, /., abstinence, for- bearance.

Abstraer, i. v., to abstract.

Absurdo, a., absurd ; ni., ab- surdity, nonsense.

Abuela, /., grandmother.

Abuelo, m., grandfather, ancestor.

Abultado, a., bulky, large.

Abultar, i'., to increase, to enlarge.

Abundamiento, m. See Abundan- cia.

Abundancia, /., abundance. A mayor , into the bargain, moreover.

Abundante, a., abundant.

Abundar, v., to abound, to be abundant. en, to share.

Aburrido, a., weary, bored.

Aburrimiento, m., weariness, bore- dom.

Aburrir, v., to weary, to bore.

Abusar, v., to abuse. de la bondad de . . . , to trespass on the kindness of, to impose upon, to take advantage of.

Abuso, m., abuse, breach.

Acá, adv., here, hither, this way. ¿ De cuándo ? Since when .-' y allá, here and there. De poco , of late.

Acabado, a., finished, accom- plished ; in., finish.

Acabamiento, m., completion, finish.

Acabar, v., to finish, to complete, to end. de llegar, to have just arrived. Es cosa de nunca , it is an endless affair. Acabe usted, have done. con, to do away with, to get rid of.

Academia, /., academy.




Acaecer, i. v., to happen, to take place.

Acallar, v., to silence, to quieten.

Acalorar, v., to warm, to heat.

Acampamento, «., encampment, camp.

Acampar, v., to encamp.

Acanalado, a., fluted. Hierro , corrugated iron.

Acanalar, v., to make a groove, to ñute, to corrugate.

Acaparador, m., monopolist.

Acaparar, v., to monopolize, to corner, to buy up.

Acaparamiento, m., buying up, monopoly, corner.

Acarreador, m., carrier, porter.

Acarrear, v., to carry, to convey, to forward ; to bring about, to cause.

Acarreo, m., carriage, conveyance. s, supplies. Industria de , carrying trade.

Acarreto, m., pack thread.

Acaso, ni., chance, adv., by chance, perhaps. Por , by accident. Por si , if per chance.

Acatar, v., to respect, to revere.

Acaudalado, a., rich, wealthy.

Acaudalar, v., to hoard up riches.

Acceder, v., to accede.

Acceso, m., access ; fit, seizure.

Accesorio, a., accessory, addi- tional ; m., accessory. Gastos s, incidental expenses, addi- tional charges.

Accidente, m., accident, attack. Ley de s del trabajo, com- pensation act.

Acción, /., action, act, feat ; stock, share. librada, paid up share. as del Banco, bank-stocks. as privilegiadas, preferential stock.

Accionista, m., shareholder.

Acechar, v., to lie in ambush, to lurk, to watch for.

Acecho, m., waylaying, lurking. En , in wait, in ambush.

Aceite, m., oil. de almendras,

almond oil. de comer, salad oil. de pescado, train oil.

de hígado de bacalao, cod- liver oil. de linaza, linseed oil. de ricino, castor oil. de trementina, oil of turpentine.

de espliego, lavender oil. Aceitera, /., oil-cruet, oil-can. Aceitero, a., oil ; m., oil-man,

oil-seller. Aceituna, /., olive, olive-oil. Acelerar, v., to accelerate, to

hasten, to expedite. Acelga, /., beet.

Acémila, /., mule, beast of burden. Acendrar, v., to purify, to refine. Acento, m., accent. Acentuar, v., to accentuate. Acepción, /., acceptation. Acepilladura, /., shaving (of wood). Acepillar, v., to plane ; to brush

clothes. Aceptable, a., acceptable. Aceptación, a., acceptance. Tener

(buena) , to take (well), to

find a good sale. Aceptador, in., acceptor. Aceptar, v., to accept. Acequia, /., canal, trench, drain. Acera, /., sidewalk, footpath. Acerbo, a., rough, harsh, severe ;

unripe. Acerca, prep., about. de, with

regard to, relating to. Acercar, v., to approach, to bring

near. se, to approach, to

come near. Acerico {or Acerillo), m., pin- cushion ; small pillow. Acero, m., steel. colado, cast

steel. Plancha de steel plate.

niquelado, nickel plate (d).

templado [or de resorte), tempered steel.

Acérrimo, a., very strong, vigor- ous.

Acertadamente, adv., opportunely, properly.

Acertado, a., fit, proper.

Acertar, i.v., to hit the mark, to guess, to succeed.




Acetato, n>., acetate. de plomo, acetate of lead, sugar of lead. de cobre, acetate of copper, verdigris.

Achacar, z^., to impute, to ascribe.

Achaflanar, v., to bevel.

Achaque, m., failing, accusation, passion, weakness.

Achicar, v., to diminish, to lessen ; tóbale (Naut.).

Aciago, a., unfortunate, melan- choly, sad.

Acicalar, v., to polish, to burnish.

Ácido, m., acid. carbólico, carbolic acid. priisico, prus- sic acid. tartárico, tartaric acid. nítrico, nitric acid.

Ácido, a., acid, sour.

Acierto, m., chance, dexterity, skill, effect.

Acitrón, m., candied lemon ; lemon peel.

Aclamación, /., acclamation.

Aclamar,!'., to acclaim, to applaud.

Aclaración, v., explanation, illus- tration.

Aclarar, v., to explain, to make clear, to clear up.

Aclimatar, v., to acclimatise.

Acodillar, v., to bend to an angle.

Acoger, i.v., to admit, to receive, to accept, to protect, to honour. un giro, to honour (or to meet) a draft.

Acogida, /., reception, welcome. Dar a una letra, to honour a bill. Reservar buena a, to protect, to meet.

Acolchado, m., quilting.

Acometer, v., to attack, to assault.

Acometida, /., attack, assault.

Acomodamiento, m., accommoda- tion, composition.

Acomodado, a., comfortable, con- venient ; rich, well-oft.

Acomodar, v., to accommodate.

Acomodo, ni., accommodation, employ, situation.

Acompañar, v., to accompany, to enclose.

Acondicionado, a., in (good or bad)

condition. Géneros bien s, goods in good condition.

Acondicionar, v., to dispose, to arrange.

Aconsejar, v., to advise, to coun- sel. — se, to take advice.

Acontecer, i.v., to happen.

Acontecimiento, m., event, occur- rence.

Acoplador, m., monopolist.

Acopiamiento, m., monopoly.

Acopiar, v., to buy up goods, to gather, to forestall.

Acopio, m., gathering, buying-up, storing, store. usurario, illicit buying up of goods ; rigging the market.

Acoplar, v., to join, to couple.

Acorazado, m., ironclad (battle- ship) .

Acordar, i.v., to resolve, to ar- range, to agree. se, to agree. se de, to remember, to keep in mind.

Acorde, a . , comfortable, coinciding, in agreement. Estar con, to be consistent (or to agree) with.

Acordonado, a., corded. Tela acordonada, cords (textiles).

Acordonar, w., to cord, to surround; to mill a coin.

Acorralar, v., to shut up cattle, etc., in pens ; to silence, to corner.

Acortar, v., to shorten, to lessen. la marcha, to reduce (the) speed.

Acosar, v., to pursue closely, to vex, to harass.

Acostar, i.v., to lay down. se, to lie down, to go to bed.

Acostumbrar, v., to accustom ; to be accustomed, to be in the habit.

Acotillo, m., sledge-hammer.

Acre, a., sour, bitter, acrid.

Acrecentar, i.v., to increase.

Acrecer, i.v., to increase.

Acreditado, a., accredited, distin- guished, established, respect- able, well known.




Acreditar, v., to credit, to assure, to prove, to establish ; r.v., to gain credit. en cuenta, to pass to one's credit.

Acreedor, m., creditor. hipote- cario, mortgagee. Ser a, to be worthy of, to deserve.

Acribillar, v., to pierce ; to wound, to torment.

Acrisolar, v., to refine, to purify gold, to cleanse, to verify.

Acta, /., act, record, deed. de sociedad, articles of partnership.

Actitud, /., attitude.

Activar, v., to hasten, to push forward, to render brisk.

Actividad, /., activity. Llevar a la , to keep up to the mark. En plena , in full swing.

Activo, a., active, nimble ; m., assets, outstanding claims. y pasivo, assets and liabilities.

Acto, m., act, action. En el , at once. seguido, then, forth- with. — continuo, immediately afterwards.

Actor, m., actor.

Actuación, /., actuation, opera- tion.

Actual, a., actual, present. El 2 del , the 2nd instant.

Actualidad, /., actuality, present time, chief topic. En la , just at present.

Actualmente, adv., actually, now, at present.

Actuar, v., to act, to put in action.

Actuario, ni., actuary.

Acuarela, /., water-colour.

Acudir, v.(sí), to assist, to support, to run, to repair (to), to have recourse.

Acueducto, m., aqueduct.

Acuerdo, m., agreement, resolu- tion, accordance, consent, ac- cord. De , unanimously, agreed. De común , by common consent, with joint consent. Estar (or ponerse) de , to agree. Llegar a un , to come to an agreement. De

su propio , of one's own accord. De con, in accord- ance with.

Acullá, adv., yonder, there.

Acumulación, /., accumulation.

Acumulador, m., accumulator.

Acumular, v., to accumulate, to heap up.

Acuñar, v., to coin, to mint.

Acusar, v., to accuse, to charge ; to show. recibo, to acknow- ledge receipt.

Acuse, m., acknowledgment. de recibo, acknowledgment of receipt.

Ad-valorem, (Lat.) ad valorem.

Adamascado, a., damasked, da- mask-like ; damask table-linen. Seda adamascada, embossed silk.

Adamascar, v., to damask.

Adaptación, /., adaptation.

Adarme, m., half a drachm, the 16th part of an ounce.

Adecuado, a., adequate, fit.

Adelantado, a., anticipated, be- forehand, advanced, forward, early. Pagar -, to pay in advance. Por , beforehand, in advance.

Adelantamiento, m., progress, im- provement, anticipation.

Adelantar, v., to advance, to push forward, to anticipate, to pay beforehand. se, to advance, to progress.

Adelante, adv., forward, onward, upward. En , henceforth, in future ; upwards. \ Adelante ! Go on ! Proceed ! Pase usted , step forward, come this way.

Adelanto, m., advance, progress ; advance payment.

Adelgazar, v., to attenuate, to make thin, to lessen.

Ademán, m., gesture, motion.

Además, adv., moreover, besides. de eso, besides that, moreover.

Adentro, adv., within, inside ; inwardl}'.




Adepto, m., adept, member (of a sect).

Aderezar, v., to dress, to adorn, to prepare.

Aderezo, m., adorning, finery, service, furniture, finish, dress- ing. ■ de diamantes, set of diamonds. , de mesa, table- service.

Adeudar, v., to pay (duty or freight) ; to debit, to charge. se, to incur (or get into) debt.

Adeudo, m., charge, debit.

Adherir, i.v., to adhere ; r.v., to hold, to stick.

Adición, /., addition, advance, increase ; postscript.

Adicional, a., additional, contin- gent.

Adinerado, a., wealthy, rich, moneyed.

Adiós, int., good-bye, adieu.

Adivinar, v., to foretell, to guess.

Adjudicación, /., adjudication, knocking-down (at an auction).

Adjudicar, v., to allot, to adjudge, to sell at auction. una medalla, to award a medal.

Adjunta, /., (letter) enclosure.

Adjunto, a., enclosed, annexed, accompanying.

Administración, /., administration, management. de una socie- dad, board of directors. de correos, general post office.

Administrador, m., administrator, manager, superintendent. de correos, postmaster.

Administrar, v., to administer, to govern.

Administrativo, a., administrative.

Admirable, a., admirable.

Admiración, /., admiration, won- der, surprise.

Admirar, v., to admire, to wonder ; r.v., to be surprised.

Admisible, a., admissible.

Admisión, /., admission, accept- ance.

Admitir, v., to admit, to receive, to permit, to concede, to accept.

Admonición, /., warning.

Adobado, a., pickled, curried, dressed ; m., pickled meat.

Adobar, v., to dress, to tan; to pickle.

Adobo, ni., dressing (of hides, etc.).

Adolecer, i.v., to suffer, to labour under (a misapprehension, etc.).

Adonde, adv., whither, where.

Adopción, /., adoption.

Adoquín, m., paving-stone.

Adormidera, /., poppy.

Adornar, v., to adorn, to ornament.

Adorno, m., adorning, ornament, adornment. s, adornments, borders.

Adquiridor,w., acquirer, purchaser.

Adquirir, v., to acquire.

Adquisición, /., acquisition, ac- quirement.

Adrede, Adredemente, adv., pur- posely, knowingly, on purpose.

Aduana, /., Custom-house. En la , in bond. Derechos de , Custom-house duties.

Aduanal, a. See Aduanero.

Aduanar, v., to enter goods at the Custom-house, to put in bond.

Aduanero, a., pertaining to the Custom-house ; m., Custom- house officer. Derechos ^s, Customs' duties.

Aducir, i.v., to adduce, to bring forward.

Adueñarse (de), r.v., to take pos- session (of).

Adulteración, /., adulteration.

Adulterar, v., to adulterate.

Adulto, a., adult, grown-up.

Advenedizo, a., foreign ; m., up- start.

Adversario, ni., adversary, oppo- nent, antagonist.

Adverso, a., adverse, opposite.

Advertencia, /., advice, remark, monition.

Advertido, a., noticed, informed, warned, prudent.

Advertir, i.v., to notice, to observe, to perceive, to instruct, to warn, to point out.




Adyacente, a. .adjacent, contiguous. Aeración, /., aeration, ventilation

of air. Aéreo, a., aerial. Aeródromo, m., aerodrome. Aerómetro, m., aerometer. Aeronauta, m., aeronaut. Aeronáutica, /., aeronautics. Aeronáutico, a., aeronautic Aeroplano, yn., aei-oplane. Aeróstato, m., air-ship. Afabilidad, /., affability, kindness. Afable, a., affable, kind. Afamado, a., celebrated, noted,

famous. Afán, m., anxiety, eagerness, soli- citude. Afanar, v., Afanarse, r.v., to toil,

to labour. Afanoso, a., eager, solicitous,

painstaking. Afear, v., to deform, to deface, to

make ugly. Afección, /., affection. Afectación, /., affectation. Afectar, v., to affect, to feign, to

concern. Afecto, a., affectionate, inclined. Afeitar, v., to shave, to trim. Afeite, m., paint, rouge, cosmetic. Afelpado, a., plush-like, shaggy;

raised (cloth). Aferrar, v., to grapple, to seize ;

(Naut.) to moor. Afianzador, m., fastener. de

goma, elastic band. Afianzar, v., to become bail, to

guarantee ; to prop, to make

fast, to clinch. Afición, /., affection, liking. Aficionado, a., fond, affectionate ;

m., amateur, devotee, patron.

a, fond of. Aficionar, v., to affect. se a,

to take a liking for. Afilado, a., sharp, keen. Afilar, i;., to sharpen, to whet, to

make keen. Afinar, v., to complete, to polish,

to refine, to tune. los precios,

to cut (or reduce) the prices.

Afirmar, v., to affirm, to secure, to

assert. Afirmativo, a., affirmative. Aflicción, /., affliction, sorrow,

grief. Afligir, v., to afflict, to grieve.

se, to be troubled, grieved. Aflojar, v., to slacken, to loosen ;

to grow weak, to ease (the

market or prices). Afluencia, /., affluence, abundance. Afluir, i. v., to now in ; to be

plentiful. Aforamiento, m., gauging; duty

on foreign goods. Aforar, v., to gauge, to measure

(vessels), to examine (goods for

purposes of duty) ; to appraise. Aforo, m., gauging, examination

of goods for customs' purposes. Aforrar, v., to line, to sheathe. Aforro, m., lining ; (Naut.)

sheathing. Afortunado, a., fortunate, lucky. Afrenta, /., affront, dishonour,

outrage. Afrentar, v., to affront, to insult. Afrontar, v., to face. Afuera, adv., abroad, outside ;

besides, moreover. Afueras, f.pl., environs. Agarradero, /., anchoring-ground ;

handle, haft. Agarrar, v., to grasp, to seize, to

lay hold of. se de, to grasp at. Agasajar, v., to receive kindly,. to

treat well, to make a fuss of. Agasajo, m., kind reception. Agata, /., agate. Agenda, /., agency. Agenciar, v., to solicit ; r.v., to

raise, to find, to supply. Agenda, /., agenda, note-book. Agente, m., agent. de cambios,

stock-broker. expedidor, for- warding agent. viajero,

commercial traveller. Ágil, a., agile, nimble. Agio, ni., stock-jobbing, premium. Agiotador, m., bill-broker, stock- broker, jobber.




Agiotaje, m., stock-jobbing, ring (stock exchange) ; premium.

Agiotista, ni., money-changer, bill- broker, stock-jobber, money- jobber.

Agitación, /., agitation, excite- ment.

Agitado, a., agitated, excited.

Agitar, v., to agitate, to excite, to shake, to stir, to wave.

Aglomeración, /., agglomeration, congestion, heaping up.

Aglomerar, v., to heap up, to accumulate.

Agobiar, i»., to oppress, to grind.

Agolparse, r.v., to crowd, to rush.

Agosto, m., August, harvest. Hacer su , to make one's fortune.

Agotable, a., exhaustible.

Agotar, v., to exhaust, to clear away. se, to sell out, to be sold out. sele, to runout (of).

Agraciar, v., to adorn, to embel- lish, to grant a favour.

Agradable, a., agreeable, pleasant, pleasing. Ser , to oblige, to accommodate.

Agradar, v., to please, to humour, to like.

Agradecer, i. v., to thank, to acknowledge, to be obliged.

Agradecido, a., grateful, obliged, acknowledged.

Agradecimiento, m., gratefulness, thanks.

Agrado, tn., liking, pleasure. Ser de (su) , to please, to be to one's liking.

Aeramar, v., to dress flax or hemp.

Agrandar, v., to enlarge.

Agrario, a., agrarian, rustic.

Agravar, v., to aggravate, to oppress, to burden (with taxes), to aggrieve. se, to grow worse.

Agraviar, v., to wrong, to harm, to grieve. se, to be aggrieved.

Agravio, m., offence, grievance, insult.

Agredir, i.v., to assault, to attack.

Agregado, m., aggregate.

Agregar, v., to aggregate, to collect, to add.

Agriar, v., to sour ; r.v., to grow sour.

Agrícola, a., agricultural ; m., agriculturist.

Agricultor, m., agriculturist, far- mer. ,.

Agricultura, /., agriculture.

Agrimensor, >«., surveyor (of land).

Agrimensura, /., survej-ing (of land).

Agrio, a., sour, acrid, rough.

Agrupar, v., to group, to cluster.

Agua, /., water. llovediza, rain water. de Colonia, Cologne- water, eau-de-Cologne. dulce, fresh water. del mar, sea-water. de pantoque, bilge water. fuerte, aqua- fortis, nitric acid. mineral, mineral water. potable, drinking water. salada, salt water. de lavanda, lavender water. abajo, down the stream. arriba, up the stream.

Aguacero, m., heavy shower of rain.

Aguachirle, /., inferior wine.

Aguada, /., water on board a ship ; water-colour. Hacer , (Naut.) to water.

Aguadero, m., watering-place for cattle ; watering-place for ships.

Aguado, a., watered.

Aguador, m., water-carrier.

Aguantar, v., to sustain, to bear, to stand, to endure, to abide.

Aguar, v., to water. la fiesta, to upset (or spoil) the affair.

Aguardar, v., to expect, to await.

Aguardiente, >«., brandy, whisky.

Aguarrás, m., spirit of turpentine.

Agudamente, adv., sharply, lively, keenly.

Agudeza, /., acuteness, sharpness, witty saying, smartness.

Agudo, a., sharp, smart, witty, brisk.





Aguijar, v., to prick, to spur, to stimulate.

Aguijón, m., sting, prick, spur.

Aguijonear, v., to spur on, to incite.

Águila, /., eagle ; a gold coin.

Aguinaldo, m., New Year's gift, Christmas-box.

Aguja, /., needle ; point, switch (Rail.), hand (of a watch or clock). de hacer media (or - de malla), knitting needle.

de marear, compass needle.

imanada, magnetic needle, compass needle. de ensalmar, pack needle. de zurcir, darning needle. de coser, sewing needle.

Agujereado, a., full of holes,

pierced. Agujerear, v., to pierce, to bore,

to make holes. Agujero, m., hole ; needle-maker,

needle-seller. Agur, adv., good-bye. Aguzar, v., to sharpen, to whet. Ahí, adv., there, in that place.

De , hence. Ahilarse, r.v., to grow sour [or

weak), to turn rop}' (wine).- Ahinco, w., earnestness, ardour.

Con , earnestly. Ahogado, a., stifled, suffocated ;

overwhelmed, drowned. Pere- cer — , to be drowned. Ahogar, v., to smother, to suffo- cate, to drown. se, to be

drowned. Ahogo, m., affliction, anguish,

pain, oppression. Ahora, adv., now, at present.

mismo, this very moment.

Por , for the present. Hasta

, hitherto. bien, well ;

well then. Ahorcar, v., to hang. Ahorrar, v., to economise, to save,

to avoid. Ahorrativo, a., saving, thrifty. Ahorro, m., saving, thrift. Caja

de s, savings bank.

lA (i6r)6)

Ahuecar, f., to excavate, to hollow.

Ahumado, a., smoked. Tocino , smoked bacon.

Ahumar, v., to smoke, to cure (in smoke) ; to fume.

Ahuyentar, v., to drive away, to put to flight.

Aire, ni., air, wind, aspect. Tomar el •, to take a walk. Al libre, in the open air. caliente, hot air.

Airearse, r.v., to take the air.

Airoso, a., airy, graceful, success- ful. Poco , unpleasant.

Aislado, a., isolated ; odd.

Aislador, m., insulator.

Aislar, v., to isolate.

Ajar, v., to spoil, to mar, to tarnish.

Ajedrez, m., chess.

Ajenjo, m., wormwood ; absinthe.

Ajeno, a., foreign, strange, con- trary. — a, outside, foreign to.

de, void of. a mi voluntad, beyond my control. El dinero , other people's money.

Ajo, m., garlic.

Ajuar, ni., household furniture.

Ajustado, a., exact, right, well fitted.

Ajustar, v., to adjust, to regulate, to settle, to arrange, to fit ; r.v., to come to an agreement, to combine, to conform.

cuentas, to settle accounts.

Ajuste, m., agreement, settlement.

de cuentas, settling.

Al, contraction of a el, to the,

at the ; on, when.^ Ala, /., wing, brim (of a hat), fin,

leaf of a table. Cortar las s,

to take down a peg. Alabanza, /., praise. Alabar, v., to praise, to extol.

1 Used with the infinitive, al has the meaning of "at," "on," "when" or " if," e.g., al amanecer, at day-break, at dawn ; al saberlo, on knowing it ; al no recibir, if we do not receive ; al remitirlo, when -sending it. Al is employed with many words, as : al frente, al menos, al fiado, etc., but these will be found under the other word.





Alabastro, m., alabaster. Alabearse, r.v., to warp, to grow

bent. Alacena, /., sideboard, bufiet,

cupboard ; locker, box. Alacrán, m., scorpion ; ring of the

bit of a bridge, swivel. Alambicado, a., distilled, curtailed,

far-fetched. Precios s, keen

(or cut) prices. Alambicar, v., to distil, to curtail,

to cut (prices). los sesos, lo

cudgel one's \\its. Alambique, m., still. Alambre, m., wire. de latón,

brass wire. Por , by wire.

para cercas, fencing wire.

de puntas, barbed wire. Alameda, /., grove, public walk. Álamo, m., poplar. Alaqueca, /., blood-stone. Alarde, m., review, parade, show.

Hacer de, to boast or brag of.

Alargar, v., to lengthen, to extend, to increase.

Alarido, m., shout, outcry.

Alarma, /., alarm.

Alarmante, a., alarming.

Alarmar, v., to alarm, to call to


Alba, /., dawn of day. Al rayar el , at day-break.

Albacea, m., executor ; /., execu- trix.

Albaceazgo, m., executorship.

Albafial, m., sewer, sink.

Albañil, m., mason, bricklayer.

Albañilería, /., masonry.

Albarda, /., pack-saddle.

Albareque, m., trawl.

Albaricoque, vi., apricot.

Albayalde, ¡n., white lead.

Albedrio, m., freedom of will. Libre , liberty.

Albéitar, m., farrier, veterinary surgeon, horse-doctor.

Albérchigo, m., peach.

Albergar, v., to lodge, to harbour, to shelter.

Albergue, m., lodging, lodging- house, shelter.

Albor, m., whiteness, dawn. Los primeros es de la vida, the first dawnings of the mind.

Alborotado, a., upset, turbulent ; rough (weather).

Alborotar, v., to disturb, to vex.

Alboroto, m., tumult, riot, dis- turbance.

Alborozo, m., merriment, gaiety.

Albricias, f.pl., reward given for good news.

Albúmina, /., albumen.

Alcabala, /., excise.

Alcachofa, /., artichoke.

Alcalde, »«., mayor, justice of the peace.

Alcaldía, /., office of an alcalde.

Álcali, >»., alkali.

Alcance, m., balance of an ac- count, deficit ; supplement ; odd money, capacity, reach, extension, range. Dar a, to catch, to arrest. Ir a I los s, to be at one's heels. Hombre de pocos s, narrow- minded man. A su , in one's power. Al de, within the reach of.

Alcancía, /., money-box, cash-box.

Alcanfor, >«., camphor.

Alcantarilla, /., small bridge, culvert, drain, sewer, sink.

Alcantarillado, m., sewer.

Alcanzar, v., to follow or pursue, to overtake, to catch, to reach, to acquire, to obtain. Poco se le alcanza, he understands little (of it). a ver, to descry. No con mucho, to fall short.

Alcaparra, /., Alcaparrón, m., caper.

Alcaravea, /., caraway-seed.

Alcázar, m., castle, fortress ; (Naut.) quarter-deck.

Alcista, m., bull (Stock Exchange), speculator for a rise.

Alcoba, /., bedroom.

Alcohol, ni., alcohol, antimony.

Alcoholímetro, m., alcoholmeter.

Alcohómetro, m. See Alcoholí- metro.





Alcornoque, ni., cork-tree.

Alcurnia, /., family, lineage, race.

Alcuza, /., oil-can.

Aldaba, /., knocker, latch.

Aldea, /., village.

Aldeano, m., villager, countryman.

Alegación, /., allegation, argu- ment.

Alegar, v., to allege, to affirm, to maintain, to plead.

Alegato, »i., allegation.

Alegrar, v., to make merry, to gladden. se (de), to rejoice, to be glad, to be delighted.

Alegre, a., merry, content, glad,


Alegremente, adv., merrily, gladly.

Alegría, /., mirth, gaiety, glee.

Alejar, v., to remove, to separate.

Alemán, a. & m., German.

Alemanisco, m., damask, tabling.

Alentado, a., spirited, valiant.

Alentar, i. v., to breathe ; to animate, to encourage.

Alepín, m., a kind of bombasin.

Alerta, a., alert, vigilant. Estar , to be on the watch.

Aleta, /., small wng, fin of a fish. s (Naut.), fashion pieces.

Alfabético, a., alphabetical. Por orden , in alphabetical order.

Alfabeto, m., alphabet.

Alfarería, /., pottery.

Altarero, m., potter.

Alférez, m., ensign.

Alfiler, m., pin. es, pin-money, pocket-money. de gancho, hair-pin. de pechera, breast- pin. — de seguridad, safety-pin.

Alfiletero, m., pin-case, pin- cushion.

Alfombra, /., carpet. de Bruselas, Brussels carpet. Gé- nero para s, carpeting.

Alfombrero, m., carpet-maker.

Alforja, /., saddle-bag.

Alga, /., sea-weed. marina, sea- weed.

Algo, adv., somewhat, rather ; m., something. es , it is always something.

Algodón, Mí., cotton. en rama, raw cotton. pólvora, gun- cotton. Géneros de , cotton goods. Comercio de , cotton trade.

Algodonal, m., cotton-plant.

Algodonero, a., cotton, of cotton ; m., cotton-plant. Mercado , cotton market.

Alguacil, m., constable, bailiff, policeman.

Alguien, pron., somebody, some- one.

Alguno, a., some, somebody, any, anybody. Algún tiempo,